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The Dowdle Brothers ‘Afraid’ of Horrible Sci-fi Apocalypse

Update: Correction, Drew Dowdle will be producing. Bloody Disgusting learned exclusively that John Dowdle is attached to direct Afraid, an adaptation of Jack Kilborn’s novel being penned by Larry Malkin & Chad Thumann. his brother Drew will be producing. Here’s the inside skinny: “After a helicopter crash unleashes a rogue Red-Ops unit on Safe Haven, Wisconsin, its residents must band together to defend themselves against these brutal “trans-human” killers.” This is slated to be a franchise in the vein of Terminator and Aliens. Vincent Newman and Josh Kesselman are producing. The Dowdle brothers are in post-production on Devil, the M. Night Shyamalan thriller, for Universal. They broke on to the scene with The Poughkeepsie Tapes, which is stuck in limbo at MGM.