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First Official Images from Tom Holland’s Twisted ‘Vampire’ Tale



In conjunction with Holland’s latest Twisted Tale entitled “Vampire’s Dance,” the writer/director returned to his seductive vampire roots established with his 1985 horror classic Fright Night. This newest tale centers around chance encounters and the seductive temptation of the ‘vampire’s dance’ when a young woman (Lisa McClowry) heads to a dance club in search of her missing roommate. She gets more than she bargained for when a mysterious club regular (Shaun Benson) lures her into his dark and dangerous world.

Bloody Disgusting was supplied with an exclusive look at the short. Check out more images and details below.

Master of Horror Tom Holland, the man behind such legendary genre favorites including Fright Night, Child’s Play, Psycho II and the adaptations of Stephen King’s Thinner, and The Langoliers has returned to scare a new generation of horror fans with his groundbreaking new series of Twisted Tales.

Written and directed by Holland, “Twisted Tales” is a brand new series of short films created in the great tradition of anthology shows like “The Twilight Zone,” “Outer Limits” and “Amazing Stories.” Holland is no stranger to the world of horror anthologies as he wrote and directed some of the most memorable episodes from both “Tales from the Crypt” and “Amazing Stories.”

With the first three episodes completed, “Twisted Tales” boasts an impressive list of horror genre favorites so far, including William Forsythe (The Devil’s Rejects, Raising Arizona, The Rock), Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, The Last Boy Scout), AJ Bowen (Hatchet 2, House of the Devil, The Signal, A Horrible Way to Die), Bonnie Piesse (Star Wars: Episodes II and III), and Shaun Benson (“General Hospital,” “Cold Case,” “Just Cause,” “The Associates”). Watch the trailers here.

In conjunction with Holland’s latest “Twisted Tale” entitled “Vampire’s Dance,” the writer/director returned to his seductive vampire roots established with his 1985 horror classic “Fright Night” to also direct the sultry new video for singer Lisa McClowry’s first single, “Born Twice.” McClowry stars alongside Benson in Holland’s short film version as well.

Gadget devotees will be intrigued by “Twisted Tales” as it is the first series specifically designed for mobile devices. Less than 10 minutes in length, “Vampire’s Dance” and the other videos currently planned for production are destined to be cult classics.

Holland said, “Twisted Tales is a great opportunity to explore the world of quality short film storytelling on a whole new platform of technology. We’re at the start of a new wave of distribution and it’s a very exciting time for myself and for all those involved.”

Stay tuned to for more information on how you can download this horror series to your mobile device.


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