SD Comic-Con '10: Fans Hurl Boos At Shyamalan's Name in 'Devil' Trailer - Bloody Disgusting
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SD Comic-Con ’10: Fans Hurl Boos At Shyamalan’s Name in ‘Devil’ Trailer



Found this hysterical nugget of news over at Heat Vision. “How much do fans hate M. Night Shayalaman? The Let Me In panel was running behind so they ran a series of trailers, one of them being the Shyamalan-produced horror thriller Devil. The trailer was playing, the audience was into it, until…the screen read “From M. Night Shyamalan.” A huge collective GROAN exhaled from the crowd. Even worse, when the trailer finished, “boos” were thrown at the screen.” Wish I was there, that’s HILARIOUS (even though the movie actually looks kinda awesome).


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