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SD Comic-Con ’10: Kevin Greutert, Tobin Bell Talk ‘Saw 3D’

After catching the opening 10 minutes of Saw 3D (which were AWESOME – even casual fans were cheering), Bloody sat down to talk exclusively with Tobin Bell and director Kevin Greutert about the final (so they say) installment of their now Guinness World Record holding series (see below). One interesting new element in this entry is that for the first time, we get to see bystanders react to a trap, as it is placed in a glass case in the middle of a park. Greutert tells us: “We had 400 extras and it started to rain. It was a difficult shoot, but it was so fun. It’s just so different than the rest of Saw. We wanted to go way over the top and do something very exciting.” Bell adds, “No trap has ever had spectators. The slightest change in dynamic, going outside, makes you go ‘Wow!’ – that’s on a whole new level in a certain way, it certainly changes the perspective.” Greutert reveals that there are quite a few exterior scenes in the film, as opposed to the previous entries which were all primary soundstages. Look for the full interview later this week. Saw 3D now opens October 29th, putting it up against Wes Craven’s My Soul To Take instead of Paranormal Activity 2 (on Saw 7‘s original opening date of October 22nd). Tobin with his Guinness World Record (for highest grossing horror franchise):



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