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George Romero On Why He WON’T Be Directing ‘Deep Red’ 3-D Remake!

For those of you who questioned the baffling announcement out of Cannes back in May that George Romero would be helming a 3-D re-make of classic Dario Argento giallo Deep Red, you can now rest easy as Romero confirmed to B-D in an interview today that he has in fact dropped out of the project. Turns out the announcement came a little prematurely, as Romero hadn’t even had a chance to talk to Dario about the idea before the development was reported on. Read on for what he had to say!I basically dropped out of it,” Romero said about the ‘Deep Red’ ‘3-D remake in an interview earlier today. The reason? Turns out a little sibling dysfunction is at the root of it all.

I was approached by Dario’s brother, Claudio Argento, and the last time I worked with those guys they were together and still speaking to each other,” the director told us. “And I found out now that they’re not, and Claudio called me and asked me to do it, and he initially said that Dario was involved, and I said ‘well, I’d really like to talk to him about it.’ And the other numbers I had for Dario were old and no good anymore, and I finally had a friend give me a contact for Dario, and I wrote to him and he said no, he wasn’t involved and he didn’t appreciate the idea that Claudio was doing it so I said, ‘well hey man, then I’m out’.

So there you have it, horror fiends. There may still be an unnecessary ‘Deep Red’ remake in the cards (stay posted), but Romero won’t be taking part in it.



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