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Segments: John Carpenter’s ‘Body Bags’!

In today’s special “Out of Print” edition of Segments we’ll be revisiting the classic Showtime horror anthology John Carpenter’s Body Bags, a made-for-cable flick I first viewed on rental VHS waaaaay back in the summer of 1995, and hadn’t seen again until this past week. Initially conceived as a basic cable horror series to compete with HBO’s Tales from the Crypt, the concept was eventually scrapped by Showtime, who decided to release the already filmed stories as a horror anthology centered around a spooky coroner played by John Carpenter. It received a brief DVD release around the turn of the century––both as a stand-alone disc and as part of a “Scarefest” collectors’ pack that featured Body Bags, Witchboard, and Rumplestilskin––but it’s been on moratorium for the past 10 years. Click here to read!



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