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AFM ’10: Writer Turns Evil in ‘Christopher Roth’

We’ve finally got our hands on the trailer for Maxime Alexandre’s Christopher Roth, a new horror film from Aspect Film that stars Jaoquim de Almeida, Anna Galiena, and Ben Gazzara.

This story’s a simple one, so don’t expect some mind-blowing finale because the ending is the logical outcome of the events I’m going to relate to you.”

With these words CHRISTOPHER ROTH, creator of the scariest serial killer in American literature, sums up his latest book, Witness or Watcher.

A few days after their arrival in Italy, Christopher Roth (Joaquim deAlmeida) and his wife, Catherine (Anna Galiena), get caught in the middle of a wild boar hunt during a walk in the woods.

Not long after that, a young couple is brutally murdered in the woods near the Roths’ rented house…The table is set, dinner is served, but Catherine seems to have disappeared.

There’s a small gift package on the table. Roth opens it and discovers a picture and a letter inside. The picture’s a Polaroid of the couple killed in the woods, the signature left on the victims’ cheeks is unmistakable, each of them has been pierced by a boar tusk. The letter is from the killer a fervent admirer of Christopher’s work and feels Christopher’s way of portraying pain is so fascinating and so real, as he relates to his own experience.

The killer will become Catherine and Christopher Roth’s worst nightmare. A nightmare whose violence will be greater than anything Roth ever envisioned.



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