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It’s a Double Murder! ‘Devil’ vs ‘Prince of Darkness’!

Tim has returned from another successful tour of the United States to join Danny! on the latest episode of Double Murder: Devil vs Prince of Darkness! As the first film in M Night Shyamalan’s “The Night Chronicles”, Devil shows you what happens when five strangers are trapped in an elevator with “The Devil”; stop being polite, and start getting real…dead. Can the detective and security guards watching on camera solve this supernatural mystery in time? Will Devil be as good as Unbreakable, or as bad as The Happening!? One of John Carpenter’s most overlooked films, Prince of Darkness combines theology with modern science to bring you a new twist on the God vs Satan concept. A group of graduate students and professors are tapped to unlock the mysteries that have been locked in a church basement for hundreds of years. As they get closer to discovering the truth, the evil escapes and immediately recruits to it’s army…that’s right…Alice Cooper. Tune in now (iTunes, inside, or on the Podcast page) to find out which one of these films is a hidden gem, and which one is to be avoided like the plague! And heed Danny!’s advice: Don’t be an asshole on Halloween!!!



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