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‘Hatchet II’ DVD/Blu-ray Cover Art Revised



Most of you regulars know I had a complete 10-year-old hissy fit when a quote from Bloody Disgusting appeared on the cover for Dark Sky Films/MPI’s forthcoming DVD/Blu-ray release of Hatchet II. The company was kind enough to revise the art and has sent us the updated version, along with the final approved specs. In stores February 2, the DVD and Blu-ray both feature: “Hatchet II: Behind the Screams”, Trailers, Teaser, TV Spot, Radio Spot, Production Audio commentary track featuring writer/director Adam Green, Cinematographer Will Barratt, and Make-up Effects Supervisor Robert Pendergraft, and Cast Audio commentary track featuring writer/director Adam Green and actors Kane Hodder and Tony Todd. Exclusive to Blu-ray you’ll find a First Look: Hatchet II and Meet the FX Team.Hatchet II


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