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OMFG of the Day: Watch Mark Pavia’s 1994 Zombie Short ‘Drag’!

DRAG is the best short horror film I’ve seen in twenty years- smart, scary, and ferocious.” — Stephen King

Breaking into Hollywood isn’t easy, and each and every writer/director has their own tale of getting their foot in the door.

Mark Pavia is one such director who gained attention with his 16mm 1994 short film “Drag”, a zombie film discovered and championed by the master of horror himself, Stephen King. This is the film that landed Pavia in the writer/director’s chair for Stephen King’s The Night Flier, the vampire cult classic.

Shot in and around Pavia’s home town of Lockport, Illinois, “Drag” was also an early effort by Academy Award winning DP Mauro Fiore (Avatar). Never before seen online, “Drag” inspired a generation of young horror filmmakers and fans — and now YOU can watch it by reading inside!!!

The world is dead. A lone woman, Victoria, struggles valiantly to stay alive on this desolate planet once known as Earth. But Victoria is not alone here. She shares her horrifying new world with beings of a different kind… the living dead, ferocious beasts hungrily searching for human flesh. With a sawed-off shotgun strapped to her back, Victoria drags a dead body through this horrifying new world in a desperate attempt to hold onto her humanity… to hold on to her past.



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