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‘Macabre’ Directors Trapped by ‘Goddamn F*cking Ghouls’

Macabre, one of the best movies you’ve never seen comes from the producers of Inside and was directed by the infamous Mo Brothers. The Indonesian splatter flick made the festival rounds, but nobody acquired it for U.S. distro. Still, the brothers are back at work with a new horror film that carries a sick title: G.F.G, or Goddamn F*cking Ghouls.

Twitch reports that the film “promises to be an entertaining thrill ride following a small group of people trapped in a hotel overrun by flesh eating ghouls. While ‘Macabre’ focused on hard edged blood and gore, ‘GFG’ aims to provide a bit more fun and entertainment value while keeping that bloody edge.”

The duo are also attached to Killers, a dark and twisted serial killer story set in both Japan and Indonesia.



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