Real Life 'Jaws': 375-Pound Shark Leaps Into Fisherman's Boat!! - Bloody Disgusting
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Real Life ‘Jaws’: 375-Pound Shark Leaps Into Fisherman’s Boat!!



Not quite as big as Steve Spielberg’s Jaws…

Twenty-nine-year-old Jason Kresse of Freeport says he and two crew members were dumping fish guts in the Gulf of Mexico about 3:45 a.m. Monday when they heard splashes in the distance and then something hit the side of their 25-foot boat.

It’s the catch of a lifetime, but it’s not clear whether a Texas fisherman landed an 8-foot shark or it landed him.

A shark in an apparent rush to feed had jumped into the back and was thrashing around, reports AOL/ABC News. Kresse says the crew couldn’t get close to the 375-pound fish to toss it back in the water. It died several hours later.

Below you’ll find a video featuring said shark, which is said to be mounted in the coming weeks.


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