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A Gould Joins Brian Keene’s ‘Ghoul’

Who saw me on Chiller’s 13 Scariest Movies Of The Decade last fall? You rock. And if you didn’t, well you should start watching more Chiller, because they got lots of original productions heading our way. In addition to another special – this one about creepy children (which may or may not feature a certain me) – they got two original features on the way, both based on works from some well-regarded horror authors.

In addition to Steve Niles’ Remains, they have also begun production on Ghoul, based on a Brian Keene story. Joining the cast are Nolan Gould from “Modern Family,” and veteran character actor Barry Corbin, who appeared in No Country For Old Men but is probably best known to horror fans as Harv in Critters 2.

The film is set to premiere sometime late this year, so keep an eye out for this and other original Chiller productions. Nolan Gould’s action pose! LOLOL

Nolan Gould



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