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‘The Raven’ Soars Into 2012

Currently in the midst of post-production, Relativity Media has picked a theatrical release date of March 9, 2012 for The Raven… but not necessarily under that name. The distributer announced that the title has been changed to James McTeigue’s Edgar Allan Poe project for the time being (a similar fate recently befell The Dibbuk Box). It could technically revert back to its original title by the time it’s released, but odds are it’ll end up being named something like ‘Poe’.

Starring John Cusack, Luke Evans, and Alice Eve, The Raven (as it was once called…) begins with Poe’s arrival in Baltimore as a serial killer is terrorizing the city, using the writer’s stories as the inspiration for his crimes. Poe is a suspect at first, but he eventually joins forces with a police inspector to solve the crimes and save the woman he loves.John Cusack The Raven



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