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Is ‘The Blind Man’ a Serial Killer?

While some serial killer thrillers end up like Se7en, others become Blitz; this is why it’s so incredibly difficult to decide whether or not to cover each announced serial killer flick. Worse comes to worse we can always abandon coverage, like we did with Lionsgate UK’s Blitz, which ended up an action thriller instead of something darker (as promised).

Lambert Wilson (Dante 01) and Jacques Gamblin are attached to star in EuropaCorp thriller Blind Man, with The Eye/Them director Xavier Palud at the helm.

Scripted by writer-director Eric Besnard (Ca$h) from an original idea by Luc Besson, Man is a cat-and-mouse serial killer thriller that goes into production early September in Paris. Palud’s third feature has “Gamblin as a solitary cop investigating a cold case. He suspects that a blind man (Wilson) is the killer, sparking a battle of wits. Pictured: Lambert Wilson in ‘Dante 01’

Lambert Wilson



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