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UK Premiere Info for ‘Don’t Let Him In’



Kelly Smith’s Don’t Let Him In will be premiering June 12 @7PM at the BAFTA in London and you’re all invited. If you live in the area (195 Piccadilly), click here for info.

In addition, the first batch of stills have finally been released and can be enjoyed by clicking the still below.

What if you invited a serial killer on holiday?

Handsome, charming, and arrogant, Tristan has picked up Mandy for a hot one-night stand. The love-struck girl then invites him to a rural weekend getaway with her brother, Calvin, and his girlfriend, Paige, an emergency room nurse. Tristan’s only too happy to accept because he has secrets and needs to get out of town.

Once out in the country, the group hear of a sadistic serial killer. Dubbed the “Tree Surgeon”, the psychopath hangs the severed body parts of his victims in trees. Soon enough, the foursome encounter delirious Shawn, half-dead with his stomach slashed open. He claims to be an innocent hitchhiker, but then the killing starts. Suspicion among the weekenders spirals into paranoia, and a punishing battle for survival begins.


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