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OMFG of the Day: Vintage Behind-the-Scenes ‘Ghostbusters 2’ Footage Featuring the Slimer Puppet!

I’m in a pissy mood and want to head off for the weekend on a good note, so I figured why not post something that’s just so cool it’s impossible not to smile.

If and when a third Ghostbusters were to arrive in theaters, we all know that they’ll rely heavily on CGI for the ghosts. Unearthed and hitting the web in a flurry is the following vintage video featuring puppet tests for Slimer! Piloted by Robin Shelby, below you can watch all sorts of behind-the-scenes goodness from Ghostbusters 2. Too bad juicy stuff like this never hit the DVD/Blu-rays — speaking of, I wonder if Sony will ever do a fresh transfer and fix that piece of sh*t floating around in stores? Mfffff, there go my happy thoughts…



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