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[OMFG] Roland Emmerich’s 1984 Horror Film ‘Making Contact’!

When you become my age, it’s rare when a movie slips by you, which is probably why I’m literally flipping out over this discovery. I’m sure a few Bloody members will scream, “How the hell have you never seen this?” To which I will reply, “I just haven’t.” But my hope is that I point some readers into picking up this lost gem from an A-list Hollywood director…

While watching The Peanut Butter Solution on VHS, my friend Zak stumbled across a trailer for Joey (on DVD as Making Contact), directed by a young Roland Emmerich. It’s a fantasy horror film that’s clearly inspired by Steven Speilberg’s ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Poltergeist.

The plot concerns an 11-year old boy (played by Joshua Morell) who loses his father, but makes contact with what he believes is his deceased parent via a small phone. The boy develops the power of telekinesis, which soon gets out of hand.

Emmerich has since gone on to direct mega-budget end of the world thriller from Independence Day to The Day After Tomorrow and 2012. By clicking the image below you’ll find a slew of screengrabs, with the trailer inside.



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