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Sexy First Imagery from French Short ‘Sanctuary’s Battle’

Emre Olcayto has shared with website Cinemafantastique the super sexy first imagery from his short film Sanctuary’s Battle. I wish the images were larger than my fingernail.

STarring Jean-Michel Vovk, Cecile Delberghe, Sarah Van Calck, Jonathan Robert, Michael Cambier and Idrissa Murangwa, “Long time ago, Lucifer was an angel of God. A very powerful angel. Because he didn’t share the same ideas than the father of all, he was banished from the heaven and was sent to hell. But one way or another, he managed to escape from hell. He found a way to hide on earth. Hide from his brothers and sisters, from the father. Searching a way to open the gates of hell, to release hell on earth. He sent his two daughters, and best warriors, to look after a key, hidden, buried, among men. A key to open the gates!



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