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LD Entertainment to Release Hotly Anticipated ‘The Collection’

Mickell Liddell’s Liddell Entertainment–which has been on a festival buying spree — is launching a new domestic distribution company that will be headed by veteran indie executive David Dinerstein. LD Distribution will both acquire films and provide distribution for Liddell Entertainment’s own expanding production slate, and intends to release four to six films in its first year.

LD Distribution’s initial slate includes The Collection 3D, the sequel to Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton’s violent The Collector, which was originally primed to be a Saw prequel. No release has been set.

Arkin (Josh Stewart) escapes with his life from the vicious grips of “The Collector” during an entrapment party where he adds beautiful Elena to his “Collection.” Instead of recovering from the trauma, Arkin is suddenly abducted from the hospital by mercenaries hired by Elena’s wealthy father. Arkin is blackmailed to team up with the mercenaries and track down The Collector’s booby trapped hide out and save Elena from his sadistic rituals.

Melton and Dunstan are the writing duo behind Feast 1-III, Saw IV-VI and Piranha 3D. Dunstan directed the film.



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