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UPDATED: Fox Maybe Hasn’t Rejected $80 Million ‘Frankenstein’ Project

EDIT (5:13 PST)* We have received word from a source close to the production that Vulture’s story is incorrect. According to the source the production is not in turnaround and is indeed still in development.

Since last August 20th Century Fox has been developing a new Frankenstein story with Shawn Levy attached to direct.

Based on a script by Chronicle writer Max Landis, the writer’s revisionist Frankenstein has been described as a sci-fi take on the traditional Mary Shelley story, focusing on themes of friendship and redemption.

Personally, I find any version of the “Frankenstein” story impossibly difficult to tell. I am quite excited to see a studio crack the code and blow our minds with a new version of the story about an assembled monster that is betrayed by man.

Unfortunately, Fox won’t be moving forward on their version, according to Vulture. “Fox recently balked at making Levy’s planned remake of “Frankenstein” at an $80 million budget,” says the NY Magazine. Yeah, I’d balk too at any horror project being budgeted above $12 million. Your thoughts?



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