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TV: Oh My, It’s That Same ‘Walking Dead’ Spoiler, Again…

I hate spoilers, I hate them more than you can even imagine. While owning a monster horror website has it’s perks, the biggest flaw is that pretty much no matter what I do, or hard hard I try, I will eventually have something ruined for me.

Just when I was getting back into AMC’s “The Walking Dead” (the previous 3 episodes were pretty good), websites across the globe ruined season 2’s finale. While I’m not against sharing spoilers, it disturbs me that some sites would post such a spoiler in the subject header, or tweet about it 500 times in an attempt to get more hits. Well, I had the finale of season 2 ruined for me, and I’m sure many of you were hit with the same bomb.

I didn’t run a story on it the first time, because it pissed me off to no end. This time around I attempted to ignore it, only to wake up to a flurry of readers pointing me to the spoiler and asking why I’m not reporting it. We report nearly everything, so I guess I can’t ignore it any longer (as much as I want to). But be warned, the following will ruin the big finale AMC had planned for their comic adaptation…

By clicking here you’ll see a screengrab from AMC’s website displaying their forthcoming zombie head box set of “The Walking Dead” season 2. Within the description of the $99 set they ruin the fate of one of the series regulars. While those of you who read the comic should have known it was on the horizon, an element of surprise would have been nice. Eh?



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