Teaser Trailer For Seth Grahame-Smith's 'Unholy Night', The Jesus Prequel - Bloody Disgusting
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Teaser Trailer For Seth Grahame-Smith’s ‘Unholy Night’, The Jesus Prequel



Seth Grahame-Smith has been busy mashing things together again. He obviously wrote the book “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and both the novel and screenplay for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Not to mention writing the adaptation of Dark Shadows for Tim Burton.

His latest is Unholy Night, in which he re-imagines the Three Wise Men as thieves who end up protecting Mary and baby Jesus. Action and hijinks ensue! The book hits April 10th – and already has a trailer. Naturally, there’s a movie in the works as well at Warners. Smith is also penning that script (in case you were wondering).

In short, the book is out in about two weeks. The movie? About two years. Look for it sometime in 2014. Hit the jump to check out the trailer for the book. It’s not too bad as these things go. Of course, I didn’t know that books needed trailers now – so maybe I’m not the one to ask!


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