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Exclusive Trailer For ‘When The Lights Went Out’!

Revolver Entertainment’s When The Lights Went Out is headed to UK theaters this month and now we have an exclusive trailer for the film! It’s released in Yorkshire Cinemas on September 12th and nationwide in UK Cinemas on September 14th.

The story is set in Yorkshire in 1974, when The Maynard Family, Len (Steve Waddington), Jenny (Kate Ashfield) and their daughter Sally (Tasha Connor), move into their new family home, only to discover that the house already inhabited by a “presence” of a malign nature.

Pat Holden directs the story, based on true events. Producers are Bil Bungay (Moon) and Deepak Nayar (Tucker And Dale Vs Evil). David Mutch executive produces.

Check out the movie’s official Facebook and Twitter. Head inside for the exclusive trailer! We’ve included an earlier trailer as well.



  • Is it just me, or is this movie feels a bit Sam Raimi-esque (with the effects)?

  • Marty McFly

    I thought this was that movie Possession or whatever Sam is producing

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  • Evil_Flip

    But yeah the trailer looks kinda cool.

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