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‘V/H/S’ Is Now On VOD – Chat Live Here On Bloody, Write Reviews!

They’ve been tracking you…

We’re beyond excited to announce that our first Bloody Disgusting feature, V/H/S, is now starting to trickle on various On Demand platforms (a month before its October 5 theatrical release!)! While iTunes (AppleTV) has it available immediately, it will also hit Amazon, Charter, Comcast, Google Play, DirecTV, Playstation 3, SuddenLink, Time Warner, VUDU and Xbox Zune by tomorrow via Magnet Releasing. You can find out exactly where to rent it by clicking here.

Produced by Tom and myself, along with Gary Binkow, Roxanne Benjamin and Zak Zeman, we were blessed to work with the talented filmmaking posse including Adam Wingard (You’re Next, A Horrible Way to Die, Pop Skull), Simon Barrett (You’re Next, Dead Birds, Red Sands), Ti West (The House of the Devil, The Roost, The Innkeepers), David Bruckner (The Signal), Joe Swanberg (Silver Bullets), Glenn McQuaid (I Sell the Dead), along with YouTube sensations Radio Silence.

Now, it would be highly unethical for us to review our own film here on Bloody, which is why we’re enlisting you guys to make or break it! It would mean everything in the world to us if you took the time to write a review. Being that Bloody is our lifeblood, we can only hope that we delivered something that makes you proud to be a reader. Good or bad, we want to share this experience with you!

To get you guys interacting, we’ve also set up a pretty cool V/H/S HUB where you guys can live chat your thoughts on the film. If you decide to tweet please use the #VHSmovie [o o] hashtag. @MagnetReleasing will be paying attention, too. You’ll also find more at the film’s official website.

When a group of petty criminals is hired by a mysterious party to retrieve a rare piece of found footage from a rundown house in the middle of nowhere, they soon realize that the job isn’t going to be as easy as they thought. In the living room, a lifeless body holds court before a hub of old television sets, surrounded by stacks upon stacks of VHS tapes. As they search for the right one, they are treated to a seemingly endless number of horrifying videos, each stranger than the last.

FIRST DATES ANNOUNCED (more forthcoming; watch this spot):

Berkeley, CA: Shattuck Cinemas 10
San Diego, CA: Ken Cinema
San Francisco, CA: Lumiere Theatre 3
West Los Angeles, CA: Nuart Theatre
Denver, CO: Mayan Theatre
Washington, DC: E Street Cinema
Chicago, IL: Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema
Indianapolis, IN: Keystone Art Cinema 7
Cambridge, MA: Kendall Square Cinema 9
Minneapolis, MN: Lagoon Cinema
University City, MO: Tivoli Theatre
New York, NY: Sunshine Cinema 5
Portland, OR: Hollywood Theatre
Philadelphia, PA: Ritz at the Bourse
Seattle, WA: Varsity Theatre

Atlanta, GA: Midtown Art Cinemas 8
Brookline, MA: Coolidge Corner Theatre
Omaha, NE: Dundee (Art)
Pleasantville, NY: Jacob Burns Film Center

Rochester, NY: Little Theatre

Iowa City, IA: University of Iowa, Bijou Theater

Charlotte, NC: Movies @ CrownPoint 12

Maitland, FL: Enzian Theatre
Toms River, NJ: Traco Theatre
Tulsa, OK: Circle Cinema

Columbus, OH: Gateway Film Center 8



  • lokijki

    Excited that this is playing somewhere I’ll be able to see it! Although not ’til October, but still.

  • Blood-Sicles

    Dying to see it! Gonna try and wait until I hear word on whether or not Austin TX is going to play it theatrically before I stream it. Congrats on the release, good luck!

  • Bumper1

    Saw it at Frightfest, very dissappointed given the talent involved. Some of the segments were great but the wrap around story let the whole movie down – i will still be supporting this movie though by going to see it again, maybe my expectations were too high.

    • Accident-with-power-tools

      I saw at frightfest and i absolutely agree, some of the segments were great fun, teen horror audience, a few segments were dull or made little sense but the problem was the god awful wrap around, that seemed darker in tone and really badly put together, it was such a good idea that just didn’t quite work… There is a great film in here but the final film is very mediocre, 14 year olds will love it

  • Love-Each-Day

    Cannot praise this movie highly enough; signed up just to say so! One of the only movies in recent years that not only managed to make me excited for the release but then also justified the wait and satisfied expectations. Awesome!

  • Aaron Emery

    It was great, the last segment was by far my favorite, but they were all unique and enjoyable. Good work!

  • thegreatone

    Wasn’t all that excited after the first viewing, but after seeing it a second time I liked it a lot. Thought the stories were great, especially the haunted house segment and the couple on the road trip. I thought the first couple minutes sucked, but it really picked up after they broke into the house to find the tape. Will be adding this to my collection when it comes out on blu ray. All in all I would give it 4/5 skulls.

  • niuq

    I thought this movie was decent enough. Agreed that some segments were certainly better than others. I really only hated the one with the teens in the woods. The rest were alright. Plus you get to see some d*ck in this movie so thats always a plus! 😛 P.S. theres plenty of standard T&A too, if thats more your style. 😀 Overall not a bad flick!

  • wildgator25

    First things first, being the pessimist that I am, sometimes the little things upset me the most. I could have been so much more involved in this movie had the actual content on the VHS tapes contained film from that 80’s to early 90’s time-frame. When you watch VHS tapes that contain modern day cell phone and other technology, it detracts from the authenticity of what you are intending the movie to be about (i.e. Paranormal Activity 3). No one should have to wonder at the end of your movie why you would convert DVD quality material to VHS.

    That being said, I still thought this was a pretty good movie overall. It dragged in parts, but not long enough to induce boredom. The first and last “segments” are the best by far, but the others are entertaining as well. I myself liked the segment in the woods as the killer was a very nice idea. It was the most likely of VHS quality whereas it reminds me of having to adjust the tracking back in the day!

  • NecRomancer

    As with most anthology flicks this was a mixed bag but overall an entertaining one. As usual (lately) Ti West manages to create convincing characters and mood… that lead nowhere, and that doesn’t make a film – or a short – satisfying.

  • Nothing333

    I was very excited for this film. It had a ton of positive press floating around and has some of the hottest directors in new horror attached. But alas it’s a ton of sound, fury, and video artifacts amounting to nothing. I know this is supposed to be an anthology of shorts but every plot was massively underdeveloped to the degree of ending up pointless. For example, guys go out and party try to hook up with chicks, girl is killer..end story. That’s it. It’s like half an idea. It’s a film full of half ideas and poor execution. The wrap around was the most dissapointing consisiting mainly of a bunch of assholes doing horrible things and stealing a video. Really? This is entertaining for someone? The killer in the forrest was a close second ripe with bad acting and a insipid plot. The way the killer looked was cool I suppose but again the exposition that is there reveals nothing and ends up coming off as hammy and overwrought.I wanted to love this film but really I can’t.

  • bonerghost

    By the way this movie was looking and being fairly hyped for what it is, I was thinking, “how is this movie a VOD movie?” Then thinking back to how good Trick R Treat was, I started to think maybe this was another movie that didn’t get the attention it deserved. After watching it now, I feel it’s perfect for VOD. Everyone that posted the central story sucked is absolutely correct. A little bit more in the writing dept. could have made this a classic. Come on, I’m not looking for a masterpiece, just a new, somewhat original idea that is watchable and it is!! It’s easily worth the money to watch it because it is fun and it’s a movie you haven’t seen done time after time.

  • xxEnOxx

    I got it VOD yesterday and enjoyed the movie, however, some stories were better then the rest. My fav was the final short, that and the guy “on the couch” in the first short. He was cracking me up.

  • Seal_Clubber

    I’ve been trying for over an hour to rent this movie. Tried Amazon, ITunes and PS3 store – nothing. Is this not avalible in Canada ??

    • Decapitated_Dave

      Try a VUDU account. Worked for me.

  • flesheater24

    This movie was fuckin crazy. It wasn’t scary at all the skype one was, that one didn’t make sense to me though. I loved the last segment. And the creepy grandpa zombie demon. 🙂 Really awesome jobs dudes. 🙂 I really dugged it everything was awesome and different, and was by far the best found footage movie I’ve seen in quite some time 🙂 it didnt’ even feel like 2hrs 🙂 Sooooooooooooooo cool 🙂

  • I get the fact that this is a found footage movie, but come on! I’ll cut you some slack for turning on image stabilizer. Don’t just swing the camera around in circles. I can hold a camera better with my dcik! Seriously! I built a homemade stabilizer for about $10. PUT IT IN YOUR BUDGET!!
    Now, besides that: Pretty damn good flick. Genuinely creepy stories. Liked the idea. Maybe work a little more on the story – ie – why are they stealing the vhs? Maybe someone they pissed off with their other exploits. I dunno. Pretty good overall. Better than most Bloody Disgusting features – sorry BD. It’s true.

  • r3dline

    i was so excited to see this movie, so tonight i decide to shell out the 10 bucks to rent the damn thing on google play,

    the first few segments were bleh, the only one that kinda got my blood pumping was the last segment, if it was not for that one i believe my feelings to the movie would be a huge let down. i guess maybe i had my hope a little to high for this one. But all in all im glad i have seen it, and all in all it was a decent movie and iv seen wayyyyyyyy worse films. kudos to the director of the last “tape” it was pretty damn crazy

  • Decapitated_Dave

    Just watched this on VUDU (because I had a credit from buying a new TV). One of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

    This film will never be a “classic”, but it was definitely one of my most favorite recent movies of the genre. I love the verite style, and the anthology aspect was a great idea.

    I’ve read the other opinions, and as I always say on this site when giving an opinion, “to each is own”. I loved the first and last segments (as many others said they were the best), but I have to say the Emily segment with the “schizo self mutilation” was one of my favorites. Each segment has a completely different feel than the others, while maintaining the same mood throughout the film. This was definitely an experiential watch.

    I know others will disagree, as always, and maybe I’m just stoked because I finished it, but this was fantastic. So many times have I rented a horror flick and felt slightly disappointed (Piranha DD and Silent House, most recently), but this left me feeling excited and enthusiastic in the genre.

  • jeremymaritz

    I screened this over the weekend in my home theater and was VERY impressed. Some pretty scary moments and fabulous tension build-ups in an anthology that goes straight horror; most shorts-anthologies are horror-comedies (like Trick ‘R Treat or Tales from the Crypt/Darkside/Hood/wherever), but this definitely leans heavily toward the former.

    I’ll echo the sentiments above that the wraparound story was pretty weak and honestly distracting, but the segments were well done enough to make me forget the wraparound even exists. Highlights for me were Hannah Fierman’s super-creepy character in AMATEUR NIGHT and TUESDAY THE 17TH’s obvious nod to the Slenderman meme.

    Also, everyone take note…I don’t mean to take $$ out of the filmmakers’ hands, but seriously, WATCH THIS AT HOME. There are some pretty distracting shakycam moments that would be absolutely nauseating in the theater…we’re talking BLAIR WITCH shaky here. It’s much easier to watch on a home projector screen or an LCD. Plus, passing more $$ straight to the filmmakers via digital distribution cuts out a bunch of middlemen AND it’s greener to boot! 😉

    So yeah, give this one a screening…’found footage’ has definitely been waaaaaaay overdone by now, but this breathes a bit of new life into it. Of course there’ll be parts you like and others you don’t but all in all it’s awesome late-night popcorn fun!

    • malcoJOJO

      Great review!
      I went to the theater and agree that the cam work is a challenge, but it was fun to see with an audience.

  • divisionbell

    The main story was ok, but not great. It got the job done. Amateur Night and 10/31/98 were excellent! They should have just scrapped the Emily story all together (there was a good idea but the writer just could not make that work at all) and expanded the first and last stories. Tuesday the 17th would have been BRILLIANT if they had just gone for they movie they’re hinting at. But I would watch it again just got 10/31/98. Brilliant!!

  • malcoJOJO

    I was so pleased with this that I found myself wanting to clap at various points with a loud, “Thank you!” But, I held back. 🙂

    They got a LOT right with this film. Sure, there were a few points that didn’t hold up – I think I counted two. Nominal. This was a thrill ride. A roller coaster ride. One where you also get items tossed at your head as you ride!

    Solid and strong storytelling, fantastic execution and a return to real horrors in a horror film, not just setting random people up to die.


  • jmacgrath

    This isn’t on the ps3… Kind of annoyed.. :/

  • BabyJaneHudson

    Not a scary film, but clever and fun. Watched it with a friend and we were laughing with delight at more than a few of the more squeamish scenes. First and last segment are the definite strong points (the gal in the first segment was the perfect mix of adorable and strange – “I like you”). Final segment was clever, mixing elements of several horror tropes with a nice twist and some fun FX – loved the recurring chair imagery – simple but spooky. I was a big fan of the concept behind this film and I do hope it becomes the first of many. A great way to be introduced to new filmmakers and to explore ideas that make for solid shorts instead of bloated feature films.

  • gidgetghoulie

    this film was okay i only felt spooked by certain vhs clips a little goofy at points i was hoping for a more psychological thriller but then again i always am!

  • joeshmo447

    Surprisingly good movie, wasn’t perfect but had some great moments

  • erikknudsen

    really bad. i pretty much fell asleep during the last two segments i cant even tell you what happened except for some skype thing and in the last one some 1990s shit going on um

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