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‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Competitive Escape Mode Offers An Aliens Twist To A Familiar Multiplayer Mode

Sega and friends recently unveiled a new competitive multiplayer mode in the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines called ‘Escape’, and while it might be lacking in the originality department, it still looks like it’ll be good gory fun. In it, four marines attempt to escape an onslaught of Xenomorphs, four of which are controlled by a team of human players. The Cenomorphs come in a variety of flavors, including the damage-resistant Soldier, the speedy Lurker, and the ranged Spitter. This isn’t the first time a horror game has tried to capture Left 4 Dead’s success–Dead Space 2 made an admirable attempt last year–so I hope Colonial Marines is a little more successful. Check out some new Escape mode gameplay after the break.

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