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Preview: ‘Army Of Darkness’ #5

Man Ash and Woman Ash continue their journey through time with boomsticks, chainsaws, and undead hordes on their tails. Issue #5 finds male Ash confronted by army of undead ninjas in Japan. It’s totally wacky, and there’s very little plot, but it fits in with the absurdity that is Army of Darkness. The comics have taken the series so far into the deep end that there’s no chance of going back.

WRITTEN BY: Elliott R. Serrano
ART BY: Dietrich Smith
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: September 5th, 2012

Lost in time again, Ash confronts a dark menace in the Land of the Rising Sun. What will the Chosen One do when confronted by a force that creates an army of undead ninjas? It’s undead mayhem and hi-jinx in Japan as the adventures of everyone’s favorite chainsaw wielding hero continue!



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