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‘Routine’ Aims To Bring Countless Unspeakable Horrors To The Moon

In Routine, no one can hear you scream. Would you believe I just made that up? Clearly, I have talent, and yes, Lunar Software, you can totally use that as your game’s tagline. Routine is an first-person indie horror title set on a deserted moon base. It’s a non-linear game, so feel free to explore every inch of the facility, just beware of the horrors that lurk within it. It’ll feature “full body awareness,” deadzone aiming, and like some of the best survival horror games of our time, there won’t be a HUD. This game is pretty hardcore, because if you die it’s game over, man, game over. There also won’t be any health packs to help you out, because health packs and multiple lives are for the weak, and this game is for only the most badassest of badassses. Check out the game’s teaser trailer after the break.

Routine releases for the PC next year. It’s also one of the many horror games competing for your votes in Steam’s Greenlight project. If you have Steam, you should definitely go vote on the games you’d like to see make it to the platform.

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