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Exclusive First Clip From ‘Hollow’ Goes Dark For A Few Before…

We’ve got a brand new clip for Hollow, a British found footage horror film arriving September 19th. Directed by Michael Axelgaard, and written and produced by Matthew Holt, Hollow is said to be a chilling tale of four friends on holiday who discover a frightening local legend and find themselves in battle with an ancient evil.

Hollow will be released On Demand where it will be available in 40+ million homes through a variety of video-on-demand offerings, as well as iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, VUDU, Xbox and Samsung Media Hub. In the film, “An old monastery in a small, remote village in Suffolk, England has been haunted by a local legend for centuries. Left in ruin and shrouded by the mystery of a dark spirit that wills young couples to suicide, the place has been avoided for years, marked only by a twisted, ancient tree with an ominous hollow said to be the home of great evil. When four friends on holiday explore the local folklore, they realize that belief in a myth can quickly materialize into reality, bringing horror to life for the town.

In the clip, “While exploring the monastery at night, Emma finds herself separated from the group, and in the undeniable presence of something sinister from the area’s gruesome past.

Check out the clip inside! You can check out more on the film’s Facebook page or follow Tribeca for updates.



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