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Horror Games To Watch On Steam Greenlight, Part 1



Not too long ago Valve launched Steam Greenlight, a new program that gives developers another way to get their games out there by letting them upload their work and have the community vote on them. This system is exciting for indie developers because of the extra exposure and early feedback they receive usually very early on in development, and if the community gives enough support the game will get distributed on Steam. Unsurprisingly, Greenlight has been popular so far. At the time of this writing, there’s 800 games being voted on by the Steam community. This is why I’ve decided to scour the submissions in search of the best horror games submitted so far. Head past the break for the first batch.


I’ve covered this game before, but it really deserves another mention. Routine is a survival horror game that takes place on an abandoned moon base. It also isn’t the type of game that’s going to hold your hand. There’s no HUD, and no healing, so when you die, it’s game over. It also looks absolutely gorgeous.

You can vote for this game here.

Slender: Source

This is another game I’ve covered before, but when I saw it among the myriad other Greenlight submissions my heart skipped a beat. Slender is one of the creepiest games I’ve played in a long time, so the idea of a team of people working to flesh out that concept and sprinkle on a little co-op so I can be freaked out with my friends makes me a little excited.

You can vote for this game here.


I’ve already had the chance to play an early version of this game, and it’s pretty intense. It definitely brings with it a Paranormal Activity vibe, though it’s decidedly less subtle in its approach to messing with your head. The gist of things is you think your house is haunted, so you do what any red-blooded American would by grabbing a shotgun and a video recorder so you can catch the crazy in action. Well, that’s true, minus the shotgun part. If shit really does his the fan, you won’t have a way of defending yourself.

You can vote for this game here.

Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear has been around for some time, though sadly, I’ve never actually played it. For the unfamiliar, it’s a Half-Life mod that takes place in Sweden. It’s widely considered to be one of the best survival horror mods out there, and despite being developed by a small dedicated team, it brings with it an eight hour campaign, cut-scenes, co-op, multiple endings, and a couple dozen unlockables. Until now, it’s only been available to those who own Half-Life–a number I’m sure is fairly small by about now–but with your support, it could soon make its way to Steam. This is definitely one to watch.

You can vote for this game here.

The Legend

The Legend is an intriguing horror game that aims to take the Slenderman concept and bring it over to an entirely new creature. It also looks gorgeous, thanks to its use of the CryEngine 3, and promises a single player story, co-op, free-roam, and much more. In the teaser you can see above, that little bit at the end won’t be the guy, or thing rather, that you’ll be running from. The actual creature is still under wraps. Good thing too. I don’t like seeing the bad guy too early, it ruins the suspense.

You can vote for this game here.

Obviously, I’m going to miss some games. If you’ve found a title you think should be mentioned, feel free to email me other exciting horror games you find on Greenlight, or tweet them at me.