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Horror Games To Watch On Steam Greenlight, Part 2

Not too long ago Valve launched Steam Greenlight, a new program that gives developers another way to get their games out there by letting them upload their work and have the community vote on them. This system is exciting for indie developers because of the extra exposure and early feedback they receive usually very early on in development, and if the community gives enough support the game will get distributed on Steam. Unsurprisingly, Greenlight has been popular so far. At the time of this writing, there are 800 games being voted on by the Steam community. This is why I’ve decided to scour the submissions in search of the best horror games submitted so far. Last night we looked at the first batch of games, head past the break for the second.

Slenderman: The Orphanage

There can never be too many Slenderman games out there, and with the recent popularity of the indie horror game Slender, this pale guy doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon. We have the co-op focused Slender: Source as well as the Slenderman inspired The Legend, and soon we could also have Slenderman: The Orphanage. This looks to be the beginning of a potential episodic series, and what helps this game stand apart is the use of a mobile phone that seems able to catch things your eyes cannot. I only hope I don’t get an in-game text message asking me to look behind me. No thanks.

You can vote for this game here.

No More Room In Hell

Day Z, The War Z, The Walking Dead, Human Element — these are just a few of the zombie games coming out in the near future. Gamers’ appetites for all things undead have proven insatiable, and this little horror mod promises another dose of delicious rotting flesh for us to munch on. I could jump into what it’s about, but I’m sure you’d rather know that it’ll be free and completely ad-free, include eight-player co-op, a survival mode, multiple zombie types, a few dozen weapons, and dynamic objectives that change every time you play.

You can vote for this game here.


This isn’t so much a horror game as it is a visually stunning platformer with a horror look to it. Grimind is a 2D physics based game that will take you from forgotten caves to ancient crypts. It looks intensely creepy, so I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

You can vote for this game here.

The Intruder

The Intruder is a horror game that looks to be taking full advantage of a fear that lurks in the back of our mind every time you’re in an alone, in an unfamiliar place. With the exception of the amnesia plot point, it’s one of the more unique ideas I’ve seen on Greenlight so far. In it, “You play as yourself after a horrifying encounter with an unknown entity. Your memory is greatly impaired, and you don’t know what happened or where your things are. The only thing you remember clearly, is that it will return.” Freaky.

You can vote for this game here.


Centration is a first person survival horror multiplayer sandbox game. Need I say more?

You can vote for this game here.

Obviously, I’m going to miss some games. If you’ve found a title you think should be mentioned, feel free to email me other exciting horror games you find on Greenlight, or tweet them at me.



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