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Watch Episode 1 Of ‘The Swarming’ Right Now

Emmy-nominated Fourth Wall Studios has added a new installment to its Dark Wall anthology of horror shorts. The Swarming launches today on Rides.TV and features innovative transmedia elements to fully immerse you in this creepy story.

Written Sean Stewart, the film is “a tale of technological terror. What if an infestation could not only cross species but also cross the barrier between electronic devices to living things? “The Swarming” is a frightening tale about a young musician who picks up his phone expecting to hear his girlfriend, but pure pain stabs into his ear instead. He finds himself infected by a deadly digital predator that has stung him like a wasp laying eggs in one of her victims. Now he is locked in a desperate struggle to save his lover before the young devour him from the inside out, driven by their fundamental programming: Hunt. Sting. Kill. Spread.

The film is directed by Walter Robot. You can watch Part 1 here. Head inside for a breakdown of the multimedia experience.

As part of the cutting-edge technology of the transmedia platform, The Swarming features offer:

• YOU are a character in the story: After watching the musician get devoured alive, the audience will receive the same phone call.
• Behind-the-scenes: Hear behind-the-scenes content on your phone
• Bonus content: Unveil new facets of the story

‘Dark Wall’ is a new online anthology of horror shorts. Combined, the episodes cover all the sub-genres of horror, from psychological thrillers to tales of the paranormal to slasher stories. A unique and distinct ‘Dark Wall’ wrapper will identify each episode with an eccentric and unnerving host. Mr. Dark Wall, played by James Urbaniak, (Unforgettable, The Office, Weeds), is a disfigured paraplegic and recluse, always delighted to show another tale of madness, misery, or flat-out terror that will leave audiences scared out of their minds. ‘The Swarming’ joins the first installment of the series, ‘Whispers.’



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