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Review: ‘Hoax Hunters’ #3



Having spent countless hours watching TV shows about haunted houses and real ghost stories, Image Comics’ Hoax Hunters is something I immediately identify with. Having a TV show to cover up real monsters that exist is a simple yet brilliant idea that still holds weight after 3 issues. Issue #2 brought in a pretty big plot twist, taking the casual story into a next level tale of voodoo with a side of massive monsters to top it all off. Issue #3 of “Hoax Hunters” keeps the pedal to the metal from start to finish showing the creative prowess of Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley.

WRITTEN BY: Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley
ART BY: Axel Medellin
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
REALEASE: September 12th, 2012

Jack and his team bring life to the saying, “up shit creek without a paddle”; caught between flaming brainwashed humans and a monstrosity of epic proportions, the situation really can’t get any worse. This is right where the book picks up and the situation is resolved within the first few pages by some quick thinking on Ken Cadaver and Regan Tate’s part. Despite the early resolution, the book doesn’t slow down from this point.

After Axel Medellin is allowed to showcase his gore art, the team takes the fight to the voodoo practitioners to get a bigger scoop on the motivation behind evil Clive. The plot thickens as the group pieces together the mystery behind the mass animal deaths in the area, and the appearance of this massive monster. Issue #3 develops the character relationships even further as we have come to expect with this book. The combination of character development with well structured plot advancement is exemplified with a flash back to Jack’s childhood. Connections are made from Jack’s father’s disappearance and the appearance of the monster leading to what will no doubt be another big issue next month.

Medellin’s artwork at first appearance seems quite simply, lending itself to a more classic comic style. That said, when if you give the art a thorough look, little details emerge that give this book its unique style. This subtlety adds an extra element to “Hoax Hunters” that really suits its theme of what lies hidden beneath the surface. Medellin’s got a knack for flaming skulls and monsters of all shapes and sizes. The addition of colour is paramount to “Hoax Hunters” and Axel Medellin does an excellent job all round. The gore is a little blotchy in places, and would benefit from a little smoothing out.

The second and third issues of “Hoax Hunters” have rounded out the book. As the story plods along and the team gets closer to solving the case, there’s no doubt the level of danger will increase as well. A solid read for anyone who wants jump into a new book that’s only going to get better.

3.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by -GreenBasterd


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