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Get All Nostalgic By Downloading The Double Dragon: Neon Soundtrack For Free

I remember going to spend the night at my friend’s house and staying up WAY past our bedtimes to bust through some Double Dragon. We’d pick up our rectangle NES controllers and dive into the world of Bimmy and Jimmy (don’t call me out until you’ve seen this), pummeling thugs left and right, rocking out to the glorious MIDI songs that would inevitably get stuck in our heads. Awesome times? Oh yeah.

While I can’t exactly recreate that scenario now (it’d be kinda weird to get into my Sonic the Hedgehog pajamas with friends around), I CAN bust out some updated Double Dragon tunes by downloading the soundtrack to the newly released Double Dragon: Neon! Composed by Jake Kaufman (Red Faction: Guerilla), this soundtrack features 45 songs that are described as being inspired by, “…the wailing guitars, manly falsetto, and general epic-ness (as tight as a pair of black leather pants!) from the electric ‘80s“. Sounds good to me! Below is the trailer to the game as well as the link to the soundtrack!


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