[Random Cool] Never Before Seen Footage From Behind-the-Scenes Of 'Alien vs Predator' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Random Cool] Never Before Seen Footage From Behind-the-Scenes Of ‘Alien vs Predator’



StudioADI is back with a pair of new never before seen behind-the-scenes looks at Paul W.S. Anderson’s horrid 2004 Alien vs Predator. Although the movie is garbage, the below videos are pretty cool. The one embedded shares a Queen Alien puppet test.

In our experience, AvP was one of the better combinations of practical and digital effects,” says StudioADI. “To accomplish the Queen Alien’s egg laying chamber scenes, for instance, we created a cable articulated 1/3 scale puppet Queen and a hand puppeted Ovipositor. Digital warriors swarmed her to set her free. We also tested a 1/4 scale Queen rod puppet. This video shows us giving it a first go. At this point it was mostly just wiggling, but you gotta start somewhere!

In addition, by clicking here you can watch the sculpting of the PredAlien hybrid. “ADI lead sculptor Steve Wang brought his refined style to the design of the Pred-Alien for AVP:R. Other sculpting luminaries Mike O’Brien, Casey Love, and Tully Summers were equally important to getting the character right. As it’s name suggests, we combined elements of both a Predator and an Alien. Kind of like a Liger. Only more awesome.


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