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MTV Shutting Down Headbangers Ball Again



In a video interview with Horns Up Rock, Headbangers Ball host Jose Mangin announced that it looks like MTV2 will be canceling their show Headbangers Ball. The question and answer come around the 7:00 minute mark in the below video.

Mangin says about MTV, “They do a lot of hip hop, and they support that music fully. They used to support rock.

It’s actually a very true statement. The 80’s and 90’s had a ton of rock artists that got a lot of support from the mainstream. Then, as hip hop became more and more popular and took over the airwaves, support for rock and metal fell entirely to the wayside. And even though I didn’t watch much Headbangers Ball, it was comforting knowing that it was there, supporting a style of music that, while once being the king of the industry, ended up as the shunned outcast.

Ah well, such is life. I’m gonna go blast some Pantera now to brighten my day.

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