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Watch Composer Akira Yamaoka And His ‘Silent Hill’ Band Perform Live



Now this is cool. It would seem that former Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka has taken a break from composing for video games so he can take his mad skills on the road and perform it live, in front of people, here in the States. Usually, when it comes to Konami’s survival horror series, Japan gets the good stuff (I’m looking at you, Silent Hill Sounds Box), but this time we’re getting something that normally would’ve been reserved for the lucky souls across the pond. I’m sure a majority of you are fully aware of this, but the Silent Hill series has some fantastic music. It just so happens that these haunting tunes sound just as good when we’re not hearing it whilst traversing a foggy town infested with countless twisted monsters that want to consume our souls. Check out a glorious hour’s worth of Yamaoka and friends goodness after the jump.

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