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[LOL] Will Smith Dances To Death Metal

I was never one to watch The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Sorry, I know that I just basically made a bunch of you feel like you were slapped across the face. What can I say? It just wasn’t my type of show. I was more interested in James Bond reruns on TBS or popping in my VHS copy of Jurassic Park when I got home from school. But if you think I didn’t know about Will Smith and his family-friendly, pure ways, you’re sorely mistaken. He was the rapper that parents WANTED to buy a CD for their kids. He was the wholesome, exciting actor that drove box office revenue through the roof.

But there’s a darker side to Will Smith, a side that TV producers and executives didn’t want you to see. And below is the ultimate moment of corruption and aural violence that would’ve shocked households across the nation. Below you can see Will Smith dancing to Amputated‘s “Gargling With Infected Semen”. Oh, and as a bonus you get Carlton dancing to Veil Of Maya. Enjoy!

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