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Slender Is Getting An Official Remake, Dubbed ‘The Arrival’

I’m sure by now a majority of you have heard of the indie horror gem Slender — a one-man project that became insanely popular a few months back. It takes the old Internet-spawned myth of the Slenderman and brought him into the realm of bits and bytes. The results were terrifying, and soon, we’ll be able to relive that spine-chilling horror with an official retail remake, dubbed Slender: The Arrival. It’s being developed by Slender creator Mark Hadley’s Parsec Productions, in conjunction with Blue Isle Studios. The remake will essentially be an entirely new game with enhanced visuals, added gameplay, and a more in-depth story (other than find eight pages without dying horribly). Unlike the original game, this won’t be free. Check out a couple screens after the break.

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  • Skullbone

    I’m very hip to this. I think the slender mythos is a great testament to how the internet can really bring out the creativity of people who may not otherwise have a way to do so. I really love how this was able to take off.

  • ThunderDragoon

    That sounds great. Can’t wait to buy this. I wonder what they’ll add to it. Excited to see it.

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