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Green Day’s Billie Joe Has A Temper Tantrum: Screams, “I’m Not F*cking Justin Bieber, You Motherf*ckers!”

Update: According to the AP, singer Billie Joe Armstrong is headed to rehab for substance abuse. The band also told AP that their set was not cut short.

On Friday night, at the IHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, NV (which was also being broadcast live via Yahoo), Green Day frontman Billie Joe lost it when he saw that his band only had one more minute left to perform. And by “lost it”, I mean that he basically had a childish temper tantrum where he swore up a storm (he used the word ‘f*ck’, or a derivation of it, 21 times), smashed his guitar and then threw his microphone across the stage.

The trigger for this was the fact that all bands/performers at the festival had a 25-30 set time allotted. This included No Doubt, Usher, and Bon Jovi, as well as many others. And yet, for some reason, Billie Joe felt that his band deserved a longer set list, claiming that they’ve been around, “…since f*cking nineteen eighty f*cking eight“. Hmmm, Bon Jovi’s first release was 1984, but you don’t hear him whining, do you Billie?

Apparently, Billie Joe wasn’t calm or rational during the show either. Yahoo states that he berated the few people who decided to sit down during their performance (I’d be sitting too), the band premiered a new song entitled “It’s F*ck Time”, and Billie Joe pulled down his pants, revealing his, “…personal grooming habits.”

Read on for my thoughts as well as a video of Billie Joe reverting to a snubbed 4-year old.

I’m sorry, but what the hell?! The band knew about the time slot arrangement WELL before taking the stage. These festivals are planned down to the second and any band that signs on knows exactly what is going on. Even if Green Day’s management signed them on without the band knowing the details, they would be brought up-to-date beforehand. Why? Simple: the band would have to design a setlist to fit within the time constraints.

So why does Billie Joe think Green Day deserves better than any other artist that is on the bill? Why should a pop-punk band get preferential treatment? Because they’re about to be immortalized as pigs in an Angry Birds game? Because they have a musical for American Idiot? Sorry, none of this is impressing me. I stopped playing Angry Birds a while ago and I don’t care about your sh*tty musical.

Some people are wondering if this is a publicity stunt to promote the release of ¡Uno!, which comes out on Tuesday. I’m going to speculate that this isn’t the case. I’ve seen a ton of publicity for that album everywhere. Also, the band is big enough that simply releasing a new album will drive sales. They don’t need negative publicity.

No, this is plain and simple a case of someone’s head getting swollen up and their ego getting bigger than the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. If Billie Joe thinks that he’s impressed or shocked anyone, he can think again. The only thing he’s done is prove that he’s a liability and that music festivals should think twice before signing them to the show.

Also, his overuse of the various forms of “f*ck” totally reminded me of South Park’s “It Hits The Fan”. Check out below to see what I’m talking about.

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