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Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) Asked By Konami To Make The Next Silent Hill

Dropped down on my knees, I beg you Hideo, PLEASE!!! Thanks to my friend AfterTheAsylum for heads up on this hopefully wonderfully amazing news. So long as everyone doesn’t vex Hideo too much so he says no. It’s true, according to Eurogamer in an interview with Hideo Kojima the President of Konami called him and asked him to make the next Silent Hill game. A lot pf people don’t think the past few Silent Hill games have been the picnic through Silent Hill that they wanted. They weren’t all sunshine and tampon lollipops like everyone had hoped for. And from reading the interview Hideo seems into the idea, but a little apprehensive. More past the break.

“Honestly, I’m kind of a scaredy-cat when it comes to horror movies, so I’m not confident I can do it. At the same time, there’s a certain type of horror that only people who are scared of can create, so maybe it’s something I can do.” Says Kojima.

And I totally think he’s right. What would be more genius than creating a horror game based around the ideas of someone who can’t handle scary things? That’s almost as good as seeing naked photos of Ernest Borgnine. The past few Silent Hills have been a meat lovers dream. Filled with horrible creatures and their fajita tits. But the marshmallow memories of Hideo Kojima could be exactly the reboot this series needs. Meow.



  • Giraffe_Monster

    “At the same time, there’s a certain type of horror that only people who are scared of can create[…]”

    Couldn’t agree more with that statement.
    I think Kojima should give it a shot.
    I understand that he feels anxious about, but I’m sure a lot of Silent Hill fans are thinking “he’s the Metal Gead Solid dude, he’s going to mess up Silent Hill”.

    Well, what I can say is that Kojima is an awesome storyteller, just look at the narratives in MGS. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new Silent Hill game with a really good story (something besides playing with a character that’s being judged for his past sins, let’s face it, we’ve already had lots of that, I say this even though I liked every SH game).

    I hope Hideo Kojima gets on board, this could be really good, and I hope to hear more from this in the immediate future.

    But what I wish the most?
    That Akira Yamaoka would come back to scoring Silent Hill :\.

    Can you imagine Kojima and Yamaoka working together?
    We could have one of the best Silent Hill games ever, or rather, THE Silent Hill game we’ve been waiting for.

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      That could be a damn dream come true.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Sounds good to me.

  • Meshugganaut

    Out of pure curiosity I’m extremely interested to see what he could do, as I think his mind is complex and deep as you can see that from the Metal Gear series. It’s hard to imagine what he could come up with for a horror game. I’m really intrigued.

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