Retro Poster Premiere For ‘ThanksKilling 3′ – The First Film To “Skip The Sequel”!

  • operations

    I remember a terrible flick in the early 90s titled “House IV” that was released without a part 3 ever made before it.

    • wizenhymer

      The third House film was called The Horror Show and was released in 1989, IV was released in ’92. But yeah, they were all pretty terrible.

      Go figure though that ThanksKilling 3 has me the most excited out of any other film this year. I remember having so much fun watching the first one.

  • Dr_Loomis

    Haha that poster rules! The first one was funny in a bad way. Can’t wait for this one.

  • weresmurf

    Indeed. House III (released in Australia as that anyhow), was a huge ripoff of A Nightmare on Elm St, with Lance Henriksen as the lead. Max Jenkie dies on death row I think and returns to haunt Henriksens family in their dreams.

    *REALLY* crap movie.

  • Reanima

    Abnormal Activity 3 (2011) skips the sequel as well. So Thankskilling was definitely not the first but who cares, it’s funny as hell anyways.