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7 Sexed Up Horror Kills!!!

We all know that sex and violence have been bedfellows in entertainment since the dawn of time. They’ve certainly walked hand in hand since the dawn of cinema, so much so that this list could never hope to be completed in just one outing. In fact, you could probably have an entry on this list for every legit slasher ever made (I even had to make a rule about including only one Friday The 13th film).

While I’m not 100% sure of the science behind what causes the desire to see these two elements combined, I’m guessing it has something to do with both of them being such primal forces. At any rate, it’s here to stay – so why not look at some of the best scenes this unholy combination of elements has to offer?

Head inside for a look at some of the best sex-related kills in horror! Let us know your favorites in the comments!

It’s a shame I limited myself to only one Friday The 13th entry on this list, because this film very well might be he worst in the series. But it’s got one of the best sex kills! Moments after deciding not to use a condom, this couple’s coitus is interrupted mid-straddle by a bad case of being sliced in half.

Not explicit at all. In fact, more is suggested than it is shown. But Michael Myers offing his older sister after she does the deed cemented the marriage of sex and violence in slasher films forever.

I’m not as fond of this film as I am of the original Hatchet, but it does feature one of the all-time great sex kills. A.J. Bowen’s Layton and Alexis Peters’ Avery are going at it deep in the swamp when Victor Crowley sneaks up from behind. Layton might be the only man who can keep going after being decapitated. I guess we know which head he’s really thinking with.

We can only hope that when Eli Roth gets around to making his oft-promised feature version of Thanksgiving that there’s room for Jordan Ladd felating her newly decapitated boyfriend. Headless head should be good for at least one more gag.

Not a horror movie. But so what? Very few films have fused sex and an opening kill with such athleticism!

Take your pick of scenes. I haven’t seen this film since its theatrical release but the guy in the raincoat two rows behind me responded well to most of the film’s running time.

Widely referred to as “the fingerbang misfire”, this scene doesn’t result in a direct kill (though the writing is certainly on the wall). But what it lacks in immediacy it makes up in tenderness (and Angelo Badalamenti) I just noticed this is the second time Jordan Ladd made this list in an Eli Roth movie. Their work together is consistent!


This may be the worst bait and switch Joey has ever experienced. Still, his last moments involved the girl of his dreams coming to visit him inside his waterbed. Not bad for a young, formerly mute, 80’s bachelor. Actually yes – he didn’t even get to touch her.

While Teeth aims to have some kind of empowering message – most of the vagina dentate victims in this deserve their comeuppance – that gets lost in the muddle pretty quickly. Just because there’s a moral at play doesn’t mean that this film doesn’t try to coast by on the erotic exploits it claims to be condemning. Not to say Teeth is a bad movie necessarily, it’s just not right for this category.



  • divisionbell

    FYI – That sweet, sweet Jason Goes to Hell murder was a roadsign and not a machete. May have been a horrible movie, but that death scene scarred me for years…awesome.

    • EvanDickson

      Fixed. Thanks!

  • JorgeSolis

    I only remember the Julianna Guill scene from the Friday the 13th remake.

  • EvanDickson

    But she doesn’t get killed during it, right?

  • ChelseyB

    You don’t get more sexed up than the first kill in Wake up and Die.

  • A-Devils-Reject

    The sex kill from dream home should definitely be on here

    • aus10

      That scene definitely came to mind while reading this list.

  • How about some of the kills in Night of the Demons? Especially the one where the couple going at it in the coffin get violently offed.

  • djblack1313

    Jeff & Sandra’s (the double impalement) kill from FRIDAY THE 13TH part 2 (which was directly taken/inspired by Mario Bava’s BAY OF BLOOD) isn’t during sex but it happens mere seconds(?)/minutes after it. i love both BAY & F13 pt2! Evan, since you added Judith’s kill in HALLOWEEN (and the fact it happened almost immediately after “the sex”!) i have to add Linda’s kill in that film with Michael under the sheet. that happened mere minutes after they had sex.

    great, fun article Evan! 🙂

    • divisionbell

      Ooh good call. Bay of blood is classic.

      Also need sister of Ursula, though not gory the shower scene in dressed to kill, VHS, and hostel 2 (bathory scene is basically sex and violence since the woman in the tub pretty much gets off).

      Great list Evan!!

  • djblack1313

    oh, and excellent choices in your list, Evan. to be honest, i’d be fine if the sex & gore/blood combination DIDN’T happen in movies. i’m no prude but i just don’t crave seeing the 2 combined. i do like the F13 reboot/remake but Trent & Bree’s sex scene was completely unnecessary and silly. at least if they had the 2 characters having sex and then redoing the double impalement kill (as a nod of the hat or something) it would have been cool in combining both sex & gore/blood.

  • SuperKilla

    Also the lust scene freom Seven.

    • EvanDickson

      There’s not really a sex scene there, only an aftermath.

  • J-SiN

    Serbian Film. Beheading your partner in the act certainly has a lot of sex and a lot of violence.

    • SuperKilla

      Can’t believe nobody else thought of this.

  • K-Dogg

    Not the greatest flick, and after sex, but I liked the scene in Freddy vs Jason, when Katherine Isabelle goes to take a shower (yum) , the Jason folds the bed in 2 with buddy still in it. Awesome kill.

  • SuperKilla

    You’re right. The scene in Seven is after the fact however now that I’ve put more thought into it, the scene from Hatchet 2 when Victor Crowly decapitates the dude humpin the slut was a good sex kill and probably the best scene in the movie.

  • Chaybee1

    Cmon, DEAD SNOW! The guy is taking a dump with a girl riding him. Classic!

  • SuperKilla

    American Psycho when Bateman bit the girl’s clit off !

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