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[TV] Next On “American Horror Story: Asylum”: Watch The Opening 5 Minutes!!!!

We’re only a week away from the season premiere of American Horror Story: Asylum! FX has tossed away the 300 annoying teasers and has finally released something worth your time — how’d you lime to see the opening 5 minutes of the premiere?! I want to wait for the premiere, so I need you guys to tell the other readers what YOU think…

Being committed October 17, the new season is set at an East Coast asylum for the criminally insane in 1964, and revolves around Jessica Lange’s new character — a nun — and her boss at the institution, played by James Cromwell.

In Episode 1 – “Welcome to Briarcliff” (Airs October 17, 10:00 pm e/p) – “Welcome to Briarcliff Manor, a notorious insane asylum home to the deranged serial killer, Bloody Face. Lurking in the shadows of this “sanctuary of healing” are terrifying evils that blur the boundaries between reality and insanity.” Written by Tim Minear; directed by Bradley Buecker.

Clea Duvall, Chris Zylka, Joseph Fiennes, Chloe Sevigny, The Voice’s Adam Levine, Mark Consuelos and newcomer Lizzie Brochere round out the cast. Other returning cast members set to play new roles include Sarah Paulson, Zachary Quinto, Evan Peters and Lily Rabe.

Footage from a href=”″ target=”Blank”>Facebook.



  • al343806

    Not a whole lot happened, but it was great to see the new title credits! I think this is a good start to a new story, I was a little let down that it was focused solely on the present-day, but it had a great parallel to the season opener last year with the twins.

    Either way, can’t wait for next Wednesday!

    Oh, and the title sequence is better this year than last IMO.

  • djblack1313

    i’m dying to watch this and i was DEFINITELY curious to see what they did with the opening title sequence (i love the song/sound effect used in season 1!!) but i’m not watching this. i want to see the ep in full with “fresh eyes”. i can’t wait!

  • Taboo

    That was quite interesting lol

  • slayer20

    Considering how the short cliffhanger of the 5 minutes went, I wonder if this is Adam Levines only moment on the show.


  • bluevalentine

    That was pretty bad. Nothing new.

  • Milk

    I love the theme song. It makes me feel so pumped for the coming premiere.

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