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Don’t Watch This New Clip From ‘Sinister’, But Enjoy This Viral!

Summit just released a new clip from the upcoming Sinister. I’m not saying don’t see the movie. Go see the movie! I’m just saying don’t watch this clip! I’m starting to worry that they’ve shared too much.

Update: A new viral has gone online at this link. “Channel 4 Breaking News: As town police officers raced to the home Monday morning they had no idea of the horrors that lay ahead.” Read about the murders at the aforementioned link.

Ethan Hawke, James Ranson and Juliet Rylance all star in this horror flick from Exorcism of Emily Rose director Scott Derrickson. Here’s Brad’s mixed review. I liked it more. Head inside to find the footage – if you dare.

Sinister is in theaters this Friday, October 12th.



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