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[Exclusive] Vote On Which Horror Theme Celldweller Should Cover For This Halloween

Bloody-Disgusting is thrilled to bring you this awesome opportunity to make YOUR voice heard! Celldweller is looking to do a cover/remix of a famed horror theme for this Halloween and we want to know which one YOU would love to hear the most! Below is a poll that lets you pick between these four choices: “Cry Little Sister” (The Lost Boys), “Tubular Bells” (The Exorcist), “Hello Zepp” (Saw), and the Tales From The Crypt Theme! The poll is open until Noon EST this Sunday, the 14th, so make sure to get your vote in below!

Make sure to check out our exclusive video interview with Klayton here.

What Song Should Celldweller Cover For Halloween? free polls 

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  • m-m-m-MONSTER_KILL

    I’m hoping for Tales From The Crypt. LOVED that show when I was a kid, love the theme music, and honestly Cry Little Sister (a great song, don’t get me wrong) and Tubular Bells have been done to death, and I didn’t know the Saw movies HAD a theme…I thought it was all ominous tones, shitty acting, and convoluted messes of scripts.. But then again, I only watched up to part 3, so maybe I’m wrong.

  • I’m hoping for none of them, because he’ll fucking ruin it.

  • aus10

    Sorry but I don’t give too much of a sh!t. I do have to say thank you for the opportunity though.

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