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[NYCC ’12] Vertigo Panel: Scott Snyder Working On New Horror Series Called ‘The Wake’

Scott Snyder and Rafael Alburquerque will be taking a definite break from “American Vampire” after issue #34. They will be getting ahead of the series, which will time jump to the ’60s.

During the hiatus, Snyder will be working on The Wake with artist Sean Murphy. Snyder says, “A horror, sci-fi story with post-apocalyptic elemlents that begins with a terrifying discovery about human evolution, and it takes place at the bottotm the ocean. It explores sea myths, such as sirens and seas serpents, all the things we are in awe of and terrified of the ocean.” This maxi-sized 12 issue miniseres will be coming out next spring. More Vertigo news below, with a teaser for “The Wake”.

Coming out early November is Fables: Werewolves In The Heartland. Readers have only been given a glimpse of who he really is. Bill Willingham says, “It takes place in Story City, a town chock full of werevolves. We’ve only hinted at Bigby’s past. This is how much we get to see of a monster luks underneath Bigby.”

Unwritten/Fables event will take place in “Unwritten” issue #45.

Jeff Lemire is drawing the final issue of Sweet Tooth. Lemire says, “It is really grafitying to finally get there. It is hard to talk about story without giving anything away. It is a double-sized issue, 40 pages.”

The Ghost anthology will be have a special story from Joe Kubert, who wrote and drew a segment before passing away.

There will be a gift box set of Sandman, the entire volumec collection, for December.

Hellblazer issue #300 will be over-sized.

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