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[TV] Next On “Dexter”: Promo and Clip For Episode 7.04 “Run”

Watch now the promo and first clip from next week’s episode of “Dexter,” 7.04 “Run”, which airs on October 21.

In the episode, “After capturing a deadly killer, things go awry for Miami Metro, sending Debra into a tailspin. In an effort to help his sister, Dexter enters into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, while the Ukrainian mob continues to seek revenge.

This season’s been pretty solid so far, even though it feels like it jumped the shark a bit. Thoughts?



  • bluevalentine

    I agree with your shark idiom to a degree, but yeah so far so good. I’m riveted. 😀

  • djblack1313

    i actually am enjoying this season so far. it’s a million times better than the god awful season 6. one thing that’s annoyed me big time this season is Dexter’s at Deb’s and there’s no explanation as to where little Harrison is or where he’s staying. Jamie can’t be with him 24/7. so……????? but overall this season is solid.

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