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A Vampire, Werewolf and Witch Battle In ‘Shadow Hunters’

Horror. Vampires. Seductive huntresses. Creator and writer Jason Dube is teaming with director Wolfgang Meyer (Model Hunger, Disciples) and producer Stacy Pippi Hammon (The Viscera Film Festival) to bring the eye-catching visuals of his dark and engaging “Shadow Hunters” comic to life as a feature-length, live-action film. The official announcement was made on September 28th, 2012 at Miss Misery’s Days of Terror horror convention in Sacramento, CA. Present for this exciting announcement were “Shadow Hunters” artist Benny Jordan and Scattered artist Noel Seratto.

Director Meyer is currently penning the script with input from Dube. Hammon completes the production team.

‘Shadow Hunters’ revolves around the lives of three teenagers seeking vengeance on a dark demon. Though they have supernatural powers, Jessika (A werewolf), Jenna (A vampire), and Renae (A witch) aren’t the monsters in the comic book. In the world of Shadow Hunters, sometimes the things that go bump in the night are the heroes themselves.

Dube expresses his excitement over seeing his comic brought to the big screen: “I am so excited to have Wolfgang developing my Shadow Hunters comic book universe. The first time talking to him I immediately felt his excitement for the project and could tell he had a passion to create a film that stayed both truthful to the comic book base at the same time take it in a more in-depth direction that you can only do with film. I feel my creation is in good hands.”

“I want to make something that is going to make everyone happy,” says Meyer, who understands that the fans are the number one priority when writing the script.”

A complete “Shadow Hunters” film website will launch soon with updated info on the story, characters, and production.



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