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Here’s What The ‘Prometheus’ Chestburster Was Supposed To Look Like!

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, his quasi Alien prequel, hit Blu-ray and DVD recently both in the UK and in the States. It apparently features some killer documentaries about the film’s development process from being a straight Alien prequel to its more heady end result.

About a week ago we provided you with a rundown of what original writer Jon Spaihts’ draft might have looked like had Ridley Scott put it up onscreen. And now we have a visual rendering of what a chestburster might have looked like in the film via a piece of concept art. If you’ll remember from last week’s article, the chestbursting was intended to occur during a sex scene between Shaw and Holloway. So be prepared for some male naughty bits.

Head inside for a more complete rendering of the Prometheus chestburster!! Warning – the image is a bit NSFW.



  • Darkness69

    Looks amazing!


      Sorry Darkness. They’re talking about his chestbuster. Not his buttbuster.

  • djblack1313

    i agree. i WISH this was in the movie.

    • HMH


  • JoeyF

    Haha that’s so American. An alien bursts through a guy’s chest but the fact that there’s a penis makes the pic NSFW. That’s hilarious. No offense, tho. I like Americans 😉

  • CeltCub

    That’s what this movie really needed… More Logan Marshall-Greene penis.


  • October1974

    This (along with not hiring Lindelof, and dialing down the incessant “this is profound even though we’re not actually saying anything”) would have made for a better movie. I’m not kidding. We’ve never seen a naked guy have an alien burst out of his chest during sex. Sure, it would make it obvious what would happen to Noomi next (as it is, we’re not sure what will burst through her chest). Or would it. We’ve got to get over the ridiculous aversion to peen. I bet you the gays alone would have added $40 million to grosses, just to see this in 3D.

  • snight01

    im glad they left this out and didnt follow the first script… we don’t need another direct to video mess with chest busters with a ton of senseless violence.

    Lindelof did a terrific job with building suspense and distancing himself greatly from aliens and i think its better they make part 2 even further away from that.

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